Astrofotografía aficionada desde Isabela, PR

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Field of View Calculator
My goto page for Field of View Calculation.



AstroBin is an image hosting service made specifically for astrophotographers. This is where I put all my images.


Favorite Pages

Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe

The biggest astronomy society of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. I form part of it by providing hosting, maintaining the technical side of the webpage, administrating the forum and from time to time participating in outreach activities. Give us a visit there!


Captando el

This is the page of my friend and mentor, Gustavo Sanchez. There’s a lot of good info there. Pay him a visit!

The one and only astronomy store in Puerto Rico (and probably the Caribbean . It has a lot of the stuff you’ll need and its local! You can buy online and the owner ships really fast! Its good to have a local place for buying stuff. I got my first scope there! You usually buy cheaper here since you can go pick your stuff and save the shipping. And if you buy more than $300 the shipping is free! Ask for Carlos Casaldeiro and tell him José Miranda sent you there!


Berchan's Observatory

This is the webpage of my friend Juan Pizarro. He’s just starting in this, like me.

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